Probably the most traditional crop on the farm, the humble swede has been a staple on many Irish dinner tables over the years as it can be cooked using a number of different methods all providing many health benefits and great flavour to the consumer.

Our goal is to get our swedes from the farm to our customers it the quickest time possible to ensure the consumer is getting the freshest product available. Once we harvest, the produce arrives to the packing area where it is then chilled, washed, trimmed and prepared to be dispatched.

We are constantly innovating on the farm and in 2010 we brought this innovation to the growing of our swedes. We trialled growing our swedes under netting as an alternative to having them open to the elements and the results were tremendous. It resulted in us having a much more consistent crop come harvest time.

Some people believe the preparation and cooking of a swede can be a daunting task, but we don’t believe that is the case.

Swedes are extremely versatile. When looking out from them in store, make sure to choose one with a smooth, unblemished skin. When preparing to cook, peel the skin and cut into chunks. Then you have a myriad of options for cooking; boiling, roasting or steaming all provide brilliant results.

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