Weekly Dinner Starter Kit


Weekly Dinner Starter Kit

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  • Fully traceable through all stages of planting, growing, harvesting and packing
  • Fresh products straight from Taylor’s Farm
  • Sustainably grown promoting biodiversity
  • Supporting local employment

All the best meals start with the sizzle of onion and garlic in the pan. Whether it’s a tomato-based pasta sauce, a spicy curry or a comforting stew, you can always count on the delicious base of flavour provided by Taylor’s onions and garlic! Sort the week’s dinners with our Weekly Dinner Starter Kit.

  • 1x Sweet Pink Onions (500g)
  • 1x Dried Garlic cloves (125g)
  • 1x Sweet Pink Shallots (250g)

Sweet Pink Onion

We take our fresh sweet pink onions and dry them carefully to preserve them and their delicious flavour. In season from September to March, our dried sweet pink onions have a longer shelf life and are the perfect addition to any and all savoury dishes where onions are required and make for the best French onion soup known to man!

Garlic Cloves

Straight up, full-bodied garlic! The flavour we all know and love. Our dried garlic is grown with great care and that shows in its robust flavour. In season from August to March, it is delicious in curries and tomato-based sauces and is perfect for use in any dish where garlic is required – which is pretty much every dish in our opinion!

Sweet Pink Shallots

With their crisp, pungent flavour, our sweet pink shallots pack more of a punch than their classic brown counterparts. In season from September to March, they can be used in all manner of dishes where shallots or onions are required and create an especially delicious base for soups and stews.

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